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Join us in taking on the damaging Brexit policy being pursued by the UK government. There are a range of ways you can get involved… Whether it’s through making a donation to support the campaign, joining a local group near you, signing up to our newsletter or telling your MP this is #NotMyBrexit… your support makes a huge difference.

Tell your MP #NotMyBrexit

Life has moved on since the 2016 referendum. We know so much more now than we did then, and the situation we’re facing isn’t one anyone wanted.

Send a message to your local MP and demand a vote on the final Brexit deal!

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Join your Local Group

You can also get involved further by joining a local group near you. If your nearest group is too far away, get in touch about setting up your own local branch.




Get some postcards printed to send to MPs demanding a vote on the final Brexit deal!


Where does your party stand on Brexit?

Where do the parties stand on giving you, the people, the final say on Brexit?

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