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Tactical Voting

The most important election for 75 years. A turning point in the Brexit saga. Make brexit stop.

  • So we can REMAIN a leading member of the European Union
  • So we can focus on improving the lives of all
  • So we can start healing our country
  • So that we do not waste another decade

Vote for candidates who will give you the final say.

The leaver's choice

Boris Johnson, the Conservative Prime Minister, has secured a deal ONLY on the terms of withdrawal from the EU.

There is still no deal on our future relationship with the EU. and 'no deal' - meaning crashing out of the EU - is still a possibility.

Were the Conservative party returned to government internal pressure from the extreme ERG group will be likely to keep Johnson’s nose to the grindstone in shaping the hardest possible Brexit.

Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, believes that what Johnson has negotiated is a sell-out. Despite this, his party, the Brexit Party, is not contesting Conservative seats and is, instead, intent on damaging the other parties.

The remainer's choice

For those who are keen to see the UK remain within the European Union, it will be imperative that the Conservative Party is denied a majority. But that faces Remain voters with a choice – sometimes a hard choice.

Labour says it would negotiate a better deal and put that to the people in a referendum, in which Remain would be an option. A party conference would decide whether or not to campaign for Remain. Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Green Party – as well as an overwhelming proportion of Labour Party members - are all in favour of remaining within the EU. The Liberal Democrats want to cancel Brexit by revoking Article 50. The others want the matter decided in a new referendum.

This election will face many voters with hard choices that may conflict with past loyalties. But to settle the defining issue of our time the over-riding aim at this election must be to maximise the number of Welsh MPs who support remaining in the EU, whether via a new referendum or by simply revoking Article 50.


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