MPs vote on Brexit deal in: 00 day(s) 00 hour(s) 00 minutes(s) 00 second(s)

Tell your MP this is #NotMyBrexit

MPs have the power to stop Brexit this Autumn. It's up to you to make sure they do. Tell your MP this is #NotMyBrexit

MPs vote on Brexit deal in: 00day(s) 00hour(s) 00minutes(s) 00second(s)

Wales has more to lose from Brexit than anywhere else in the UK.

Life has moved on since the 2016 referendum. We now know much more. Whether you voted Leave or voted Remain, this is not a Brexit that anyone wanted. It will make us all poorer.

This autumn the UK Parliament will face a crucial vote on Brexit… You can help make sure your MP votes to halt Brexit in its tracks. Very soon, we will give you the tools to tell your MP that this is #NotMyBrexit.

This is #NotMyBrexit - Make sure your MP has heard your voice loud and clear.

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