Time left to stop Brexit and secure a People’s Vote


A #FinalSay on Brexit is within our reach and we need your help to get over the line.

We’re building a grassroots movement made up of thousands of supporters like you, of every age, from every walk of life and in every part of Wales.

A strong, loud and unified Welsh voice can turn Wales decisively towards Europe.

Join us now and let’s win this.

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Top 5 reasons for staying with Europe

Reason #1: Peace

A guarantee of peace so that we never against relive the past

Reason #2: Jobs

Our biggest single market - 500 million customers safeguarding 200,000 Welsh jobs

Reason #3: Environment

A necessary safeguard when pollution knows no borders

Reason #4: Rights

Setting a world standard for equal rights for all

Reason #5: Security

On the inside fighting international crime and terrorism

And here are 226 more

How you can get involved

Join your local group

Attend an event

Tell your MP we should stay in Europe

Access campaign resources

Submit your #NotMyBrexit reason

Donate to us

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Upcoming events

People’s Vote March – Wales Meeting Point / Man Cyfarfod Cymru – Gorymdaith Pleidlais y Bobl

19 October 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm

Coach to London for the “Let Us Be Heard” March

19 October 2019
7:00am - 9:00pm