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Welsh politicians back campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit

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Peter Gilbey


Wales For Europe has joined with eight other anti-Brexit organisations to campaign for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal. And the campaign has been backed by leading members of Labour, Plaid Cymru and Liberal Democrats in Wales.

Wales for Europe volunteers were out on the streets of the Welsh capital on Saturday urging people to support a new vote on the Brexit issue, prior to a major rally in London yesterday (Sunday).

Owen Smith MP, who was recently forced to resign from Labour’s shadow Cabinet because of his stance on Brexit, said: “As the true costs and complexities of Brexit have become clear, the demand for a people’s vote on the deal has steadily grown. That’s why I am supporting the groups that have come together to launch the campaign for a final say on the true terms of Brexit and why I will be campaigning alongside them in the months ahead.”

Speaking at her party conference in Cardiff, Jane Dodds said: “The Welsh Liberal Democrats have consistently called for the people to have the final say on the Brexit deal and the opportunity to choose an exit from Brexit. It is hugely encouraging to see so many respected individuals and organisations agreeing with us today and fighting to give the people the vote they deserve. Democracy is a process, not an event and the people have a right to change their mind.

“There is nothing inevitable about Brexit. Parliament will have a meaningful vote on the final deal, but the public need to be given a vote as well. We need everyone who agrees with us to join this cross-party, cross-society campaign to give the people the final say. We can stop Brexit, but time is running out.”

Lord Dafydd Wigley, who plays a leading role for Plaid Cymru in the House of Lords, said: “When the terms are known there must be a meaningful vote which includes the option of retaining the status quo. If the UK quits the EU with no agreement, the only way of confirming or rejecting that outcome is by a confirmatory vote which should then be decisive. The people must have the final word.”

Helen Birtwhistle, Director of Wales For Europe, said: “As negotiations proceed people are beginning to recognise the severe downside of Brexit. As the true deal emerges the people must have an opportunity to cast their own votes on our future. It cannot be left to the vagaries of the unstable political situation at Westminster.”

The People’s Vote campaign, with a new website (www.peoples-vote.uk), brings together nine grassroots campaigning organisations that have the support of a million people across the UK. This is the first time all the organisations have united behind a single over-arching campaign.

They are Wales For Europe, Open Britain, European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Scientists for EU, Healthier IN, InFacts, Our Future our Choice (OFOC) and For our Future’s Sake (FFS).

Eight of the organisations now operate out of a shared working space in London while in Wales the European Movement and Wales For Europe are now operating in partnership, backed by local groups in Cardiff, Swansea, Gwent, the south Wales Valleys and North Wales.


Wales For Europe contacts:

Helen Birtwhistle, Director   director@walesforeurope.org