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Campaign for best deal for Wales launched on Europe Day

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Peter Gilbey

The UK General Election is a chance to think again about the importance of the European Union for Wales and to vote against a hard, destructive Brexit.

That is the message from Wales For Europe on Europe Day 2017 (Tuesday 9 May), as it launches its campaign to reject a hard Brexit. An independent grassroots organisation bringing Welsh voices together to fight for the best deal for Wales, Wales For Europe is keen for the run-up to the election next month to focus on what matters to Welsh communities and individuals.

Wales For Europe is determined that Wales should not be disadvantaged as a result of the negotiations to leave the EU. It is urging people to talk to their local candidates of all political parties to check where they stand on key Brexit issues – and vote accordingly. At the same time, it will be asking parliamentary candidates questions about their approach to Brexit and publishing information on the website www.walesforeurope.org.

Europe Day (9 May) is an annual celebration of peace and unity throughout much of Europe so today is another opportunity to remember the value and benefits of the EU for people in Wales.

Wales For Europe is clear that last year’s referendum was not a vote for a hard Brexit. Whether people voted Remain or Leave, no-one voted to be poorer. People did not vote for fewer jobs, for fewer rights in the workplace, for weaker consumer and environmental protections, or for higher prices.

The people of Wales want a better future for communities, not a worse one. We want a stronger economy and a diverse, skilled workforce. We want to demonstrate that we are still an open, outward-looking and tolerant nation.

The UK general election next month gives the people of Wales a chance to tell our politicians what we expect from them in building that stronger, more prosperous Wales.

“Emerging evidence indicates that Wales stands to lose out as the result of a hard Brexit and that Wales could be hit harder than any other part of the UK. In the light of new information about the impact of Brexit on our economy and environment, our education system, our public services and our security at home and in the world, it is perfectly reasonable to have second thoughts.

“It seems particularly apt on Europe Day to remember the many, many positives of a continuing close relationship between Wales and the EU. Europe is still going to matter if we want Wales and the UK to thrive. We urge people to consider all the facts, and to allow themselves to think again,” said Director of Wales For Europe, Helen Birtwhistle.

Wales for Europe is working with increasing numbers of volunteers in groups across Wales. Please join us now. Details of events and meetings are available on www.walesforeurope.org

For further media information and for interviews, please contact:

Peter Gilbey, DWales For Europe


For Welsh language interviews, please ask for:

Richard Vernon

To speak to EU national, please ask for 

Wiard Sterk (lived and worked in Wales for 33 years)

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Claire Gorrara