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Success in Swansea!

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Peter Gilbey


Following on from the excellent progress made by North Wales For Europe, Swansea For Europe got off to a roaring success on Wednesday’s first, inaugural “Pizza & Politics Night” at the fantastic Cinema & Co. The night began with an introduction by local coordinator Paul Willner, followed by our newly appointed director, Helen Birtwhistle. The structure of Wales For Europe, its partnerships, and its core principles were presented to attendees. The aim of Wales For Europe is to support regional, local groups to succeed, to foster a coalition of support, and to present the benefits of membership of the European Single Market and to mobilise the widespread support it has.

Needless to say, the star of the evening was the pizza, over which everyone mingled, networked, forged new relationships and friendships. Once stomachs had been filled, we settled into a discussion and debate about where to go forward with Swansea For Europe.

Jonathan Freedland , Columnist from The Guardian said… “remainers will need to handle these next two years carefully, readying themselves for the day when the deal is done, and ensuring they have already placed two key questions in the front of the public mind:

  • Is this deal better than the set-up we had on 22 June 2016?
  • And if it isn’t, why are we doing it?

Swansea, just like the rest of the country was split by the referendum, with the West voting to remain and the East voting to leave. The challenge here is the challenge we face everywhere.”

The group is now planning their next meeting to take forward our message and campaign to the people (with possibly some more pizza).