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The case for another EU Referendum – Supporter Letter

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Patrick Owen
Dear Friends of Europe,

I am retired, live in Mid Wales and feel strongly about the benefits of UK membership of the EU.  I attended two of the three ‘Peoples Vote’ marches in London.

The campaign to leave the EU, promoted by vested interests, funded by dark money and orchestrated by targeted voter manipulation, undermined the democratic process.  No one has yet been held accountable. One of the key orchestrators, Dominic Cummings, is now directing government policy.

The 12 December general election whilst delivering an 80 seat Tory majority also delivered a mandate for another EU referendum. This government and its predecessor have refused to allow one.

It is my strongly held view that the UK is being dragged out of the EU by minority interests against the best interests of the UK and that a toxic campaign against the Labour leadership, immigration and the EU has facilitated ‘Brexit’.  The electorate has in effect been disenfranchised.

It is heartening to know that the Labor-controlled Welsh Assembly under Mark Drakeford is committed to closer union with the EU and that your organisation is still campaigning for EU membership.

I have prepared a petition, more in hope than in expectation of it having any effect.  The link is as follows:-

Sign the Petition

Thank you for seeking my views

Very Best Wishes

Patrick Owen