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Wales For Europe respond to Article 50 vote

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Peter Gilbey

Responding to the Second Reading vote on the Article 50 Bill in the House of Commons, spokesperson for Wales For Europe, Peter Gilbey said:

The House of Commons has begun the long and painful process of leaving the EU. The Bill going through parliament, however, will come under intense scrutiny through the committee stages and the House of Lords. This period and the subsequent period of negotiations are of paramount importance; in order to protect decency progressive politics, we must continue to make our voices heard and become even louder. For Wales’ sake, the principle of ‘no detriment’ has to be the bottom line.

Promises were made to Wales and the rest of the UK, which are perched precariously above the waste paper bin. Anything that resembles a breaking of this trust carries significant implications. It is absolutely essential that, while the UK government is not legally obliged to consult and achieve agreement from the Senedd and other devolved legislatures, it is a political and moral imperative that they do.

Wales For Europe will continue to make the case for a strong and close relationship between Wales and the rest of Europe, while at the same time, ensuring Wales’ voice is not drowned out in looming, dark days, months and years ahead.