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Proms in the Park, Singleton Park Swansea – volunteer event

Swansea Swansea, Singleton Park
The Proms in the Park return to Swansea this year. We have been asked by one of the national campaigning organizations to hand out EU flags to concert-goers, to be waved in the section toward the end of the concert when the Swansea event is shown live on national television: a very short opportunity to make a massive impact. We are aiming to distribute EU flags both outside the arena to people queueing to enter, and to people already seated inside, and will need a team of volunteers to help. If you will be attending the concert, or if you are not intending to take in the music but are willing to hand out flags to people in the queue, please contact us on swansea@walesforeurope.org

Interested in attending?

No ticket required unless you want to attend the Proms as well. If you do, please find details at:

Prom info